Covid -19 Presents Opportunities – Will You Take Them?

I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason”
This pandemic has made us stop and listen. It”s blatant disregard for age, creed, colour or wealth – has stunned our global community into listening.
We have been given a sharp reminder of our human frailty, our vulnerability and more importantly our truths within our humanity.
Truths our ancestors held dear and honoured in their daily lives, which we have forgotten. How each one of us make a valuable contribution to the overall health and sustainability of our beautiful planet.
How having mutual respect for each other as equals regardless of our at times obvious differences.
This virus also presents us with a stark reminder of an invaluable old adage that “Your Health is Your Wealth”.
Reminding us yet again, that what matters most in life is not our material wealth but rather our physical, emotional and mental health.
Its not the size of your house or the price tag of that flashy car you drive that is impressive –  but instead it is the fact that you are alive  and have a unique contribution to make.
While we are being separated and in some cases isolated by this virus – it in fact also presents us with opportunities!
Such as:
  • Time to reflect on and review our life and how we are living it.
  • Time for each other albeit in some cases via social media.
  • Time to pursue an interest which heretofore we told ourselves we didnt have to the time to do before.
  • Time to ask ourselves the questions we have avoided may not actually be considered and answered.
  • Time to reach out and connect again with people whom we may have been meaning to contact for some time but never seemed to get around to doing in the past.
While global borders are closing, this virus has broken down barriers between countries through the flow of information, as we unite in global common goal of overcoming this disease. the silent attacker, and together we fight for our survival.
Millions of people have volunteered globally to help those most at risk –  the strongest unite to help the weakest, it is so heartening to watch – each one of us can play our part too.
Everyone has had to adapt how they work, rest and play and this virus has fostered a renewed sense of community which is wonderful to see in action right around the globe.
It has re-triggered our basic human need to share and reinforced the fact that by nature, we are primarily social beings. It serves as a sharp reminder of just how much we need each other as we realise  just how badly we would survive alone.
Regretfully. some among us have lost a loved one or friend to this virus, and so many have had to die while physically alone,  which is very distressing. My heart goes out to those families and the loved ones of the people we have lost, and continue to lose. It serves to remind us just how vulnerable we are and how connected we need to act as a global community to face down this silent foe.
But I truly believe we are being presented with  an opportunity to stop, reflect, change and grow internally as individuals and externally as a global people,  and I wonder if in fact this is something we would not have done otherwise?
What is important now is that we hold on to the positive changes which this pandemic brings  and continue to grow in the direction of mutual respect as individuals, communities, and countries , with a renewed love for mother nature and our beautiful but fragile planet.
We have been given this opportunity the question is, will we take it?
All healing requires us to let go of what no longer serves us – nature at its core releases what is toxic or adapts in order to survive.  Much of our world has become toxic – this is a purge of what never served us and if we are to survive and prosper – change is required – I believe this change is happening right now within each one of us.
I would love to hear your views as to how this pandemic while devastating on one level, has also presented you with the unique opportunity to change something positively in your life or your outlook.

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