Midlife – Time To Review & Refocus Your Life

Where Do You Go From Here? -Your Future Is Your Choice?

Every choice we make has consequences, every action we take brings us closer or further away from living a happy and meaningful life.
Are you living, your life with true purposeOR are you just existing in the life you have at the moment because you think that's the way it is, for everyone. If so, STOP because that is not TRUE!
Most of us are so busy devoting our time and energy to looking after others, our partner, our children, our elderly parents, keeping food on the table, earning money to pay for it all that we don't even get a chance to think about ourselves for a minute never mind sit down and start to actively plan ahead or think about how happy or fulfilled we actually truly feel!

Then before you realise you are over 40, run ragged, the kids are now adults and maybe already left home, and you suddenly begin to think about your own life or what you want that to be like. You realise the dreams and plans you had when you were younger for your life, never became a reality! Or they did in part, but there are things you still haven't done yet, and you start thinking, you have left it too late? You were so busy making everyone else happy, looking after their every need that you put your own on the back boiler.

Most women either approaching or upon reaching 40+ ( mid-life) begin to ponder and begin to wonder-
  • Is this it? There has to be more to life than this?
  • There has to be a deeper richer experience and meaning to your life?
  • Aware of time flying by, & feeling increasingly anxious that time is running out for you to do what you really want with your life
  • Want to stop feeling like your life is passing you by?
  • Are you Feeling unhappy?
  • Are you Bored with your job, feel it's not what you want to do for the Rest of your life?
  • Conscious of how many years you have left? How many dreams you had that you haven't made real in your life?
  • Feel you haven't much to show for your life so far? Wonder how much time is left!
  • Do you want to spend the rest of your life feeling trapped in a relationship that doesn't make you feel good anymore?
  • Do you lack the self-confidence to make the changes you want to make?
  • Is your self-esteem feeling battered and do you feel helpless about making even the smallest of changes in your life?
  • Do you lack the courage of your convictions, and live in hope that somehow something good is around the corner which will magically fix how unhappy you feel right now?

If this sounds familiar then it's time for you to ‘Sit in the driving seat’ and start to ‘Steer your life in a new direction’!

What if instead you:-

  • Woke up each morning feeling content and looking forward to the days and weeks ahead!
  • Were living life the way you want, doing the things you want to do, and feeling excited about your present, and making clear plans for your future?

If this is how you want to feel each morning! But your current reality feels nothing like this, then with my help and support, you can start to live the life you want.

Together let’s begin to “Change your Present & Design your Future.”

Start living the life you have always dreamed of, it can be a reality. “RememberYour Future Is Up To You”!

 Reach out, begin today to change what isn't working, design your future and get clear about exactly how to make that plan your new reality!

I offer a limited number of FREE Discovery Sessions to my customers each month. If you would like to take the first step towards:-

  • Gaining clarity in your life
  • Getting a sense of how to plan your future
  • Making changes easier in your life
  • Getting relief from that feeling of being overwhelmed by life ~ then simply Book Your FREE DISCOVERY SESSION TODAY!



Change Your Present, Design Your Future

Praise by Clients & Colleagues

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"Yvonne is very intuitive to how your feeling and what you need in every session. She is wonderful warm and easy to share your troubles with"

Anne Griffin

"I have a renewed vigour now in my work & life, and I feel balanced, clear, in a good place and sure about where I go from here"

Carmel Walsh

"My sessions with Yvonne, have been a catalyst for me to progress on my spiritual journey.- Always feel a sense of peace and calm within and around me now"

Patricia Langton